Men: International Dressing

There is a misconception that when conducting international business, you can dress casually because other countries dress just as, or even more casually than the USA.

This is untrue, with much of the world, including countries with very high temperatures, dressing much more professional than most Americans. Males in many countries routinely wear suits which show their level of position and serious attitude towards business.

Image by Jobro

Color is another important consideration when dressing internationally. In the US, white means pure, clean and honest. In other countries, it is known as death and for funerals. Purple is another color that in the US means royalty or affluence and in other countries means mourning. Blue, in some countries is also an indication of death, where in the US, it represents loyalty, honesty and hard work.

Research the countries (or call me) you will be doing business with to ensure you project the correct image and feeling.  If you don’t you could lose a business opportunity.