What Should I Wear on Valentine’s Day? Both Genders

What should I wear on Valentine’s Day? That’s a loaded question. Usually a person is in one of two camps-either you love Valentine’s Day or you hate it. There’s not much neutral territory. Your feelings about the day definitely determine how you will dress (unless there’s an event you’re obligated to go to). I’m going to focus on people who enjoy Valentine’s Day but I’m going to throw in an outfit for those of you who aren’t fans of the day.

What you wear of course depends on the activities you’ll be taking part in. Anything related to the bedroom won’t be included in this post (or on this blog). Let’s talk about a get together with friends. A bunch of you decided, whether as singles or couples are going out for a nice dinner (trendy, popular), just to hang out and have a good time.

Guys, a button down shirt should do the trick. If it’s a very upscale restaurant, you may want to call and see if a tie and blazer are required. Add some of the moment shoes and you’re set (including pants-not jeans, of course). Ladies, isn’t this skirt embellished with enamel disks and beads perfect for turning heads as you make your way to your table? Pair it with a simple top to let the skirt do the talking. Add a pair of shoes that complement and you’re set.

image of MCQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Black & Blue Ombre Shirt


Are you more of a dance the night away type of person? I’m talking ballroom dancing. Not club booty shaking. I’m sure you don’t need my help deciding what to wear to the club. If you’re a veteran of ballroom dancing, you most likely know what to wear. If not, you want to wear something that you can do any kind of move in and not have the seams straining or busting. Men, a shirt and tie in festive Valentine Day colors will work nicely paired with pants that move with you. Ladies, a swingy dress in red or pink will be lovely and move gracefully with you.

image of roberto cavailli shirt

No tie needed!

image of red dress for valentine's day

Understated hotness ready for twirling.

















If you’ve been married forever and your Valentine’s Day consists of dinner (not fancy) and a movie, semi-casual will do nicely. Yes, you could just do casual but let’s put in some extra effort which shows our mate we’re still in love and happy to be with them. Gentlemen, a sweater or cardigan is an easy put together look. Ladies, I’m just going to be real, it’s usually quite cold in movie theaters so layers are a good thing.

image of Tommy Bahama Quarter Zip Sweater & 7 For All Mankind® Straight Leg Jeans

image of Trouvé Jacket, Wildfox Tee & Citizens of Humanity 'Emmanuelle' Jeans



















I promised you Valentine Day haters a look as well. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been somewhat of a hater at different times in my life due to break ups, etc. I feel your pain. Most likely you’ll be staying in that night so here’s a comfy look that let’s you know I care and you’re not alone. Well wishes for next year.

image of Surfside Supply French Terry Hooded Pullover

image of Under Armour Hoodie & Capris




















So whether you’re a lover or don’t want anything to do with Valentine’s Day (at least this year), there’s a look for you. As always, if the event you’re attending isn’t talked about here, give me a call and we’ll get you ready. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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