I Have a New Website!

As you’ve probably noticed, I have a new website. I’m really excited about the look and feel of it along with the new abilities such as advertising and gift certificates. I’m a firm believer that you outgrow your website every 3-5 years and you need to either revamp it or just start over. I decided to start over since the old site was written with old, outdated code that isn’t supported by the themes company where it came from. It would have taken a lot to get it to where I wanted it to be so it was better just to start fresh.

Shelby Sapusek of She|He|Media, http://shehemedia.com/ is the creator of my site. She’s a great listener and really cares about your thoughts and ideas. Shelby makes happen what you want and need. She goes the extra mile and never tells you it can’t be done; she researches until she finds a way for it to work.

I can honestly say that Shelby works great with many different personalities, including the extremely picky perfectionist (uh, that would be me). She’s patient even after you’ve made a million (she’s probably wincing at the mere mention of this) tiny revisions, which in your mind, equal perfection.

You know the saying, behind every great woman is a great man (21st century version)? Well, behind Shelby is Jim Raffel, her business partner. He did quite a bit of the behind the scenes, getting the website to work in the hosting environment and other important details. Thank you Jim!

Between the dynamic duo of She|He|Media, you have a team that can’t be beat. I highly recommend them for all of your website design and customization needs. You may also just want to get to know them because they’re great human beings.

Thank you Shelby and Jim! You both rock!!

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