Men: What are You Wearing for #Christmas?

Two days until Christmas. What are you going to be wearing at your #Christmas activities, whether it’s a family get together, a friend’s invite or a more formal party? No matter what kind of get together it is, you need to look festive and put together. Christmas is not the day for sweats or athletic clothing. Even if you’re hosting the get together at your house of “just” family members, you need to look the part of caring host.

Here are 3 different looks for the 3 different kinds of get togethers mentioned above. Let’s start with the family get together. Whether this is at your house or one of your relatives, it will probably be casual. But casual festive gathering doesn’t mean everyday clothes. Step it up and look like you care about your family (as, of course, you do).

This first look is from Target, so you know it’s very reasonably priced. This argyle sweater looks nice with a pair of dark wash jeans. No holes, stains or rips in your jeans. Buy a new pair if you don’t have any newer ones in very good condition. I would add either a turtleneck, long sleeve knit top or button down under the sweater. The layer underneath the sweater provides interest and adds a little detail at the neck. Finish your look off with some non-athletic shoes and you’re all set.

Merona® Men's Long Sleeve V-Neck Sweater - Assorted Colors

The next casual look is for when you’re going to a friend’s house for Christmas. Your friend has spent a lot of time cleaning and cooking, so show them respect and dress with that intent. This festive look shows you’re in the Christmas mood and appreciate all of their work and friendship (yes, how you dress does reflect how you feel). A fun red and green plaid button down sport shirt gives festive feel to the look, with khakis grounding the outfit and a cardigan bringing the whole look together. Add some fun oxfords or slip-ons and you’re set to party in style.

Polo Ralph Lauren Merino Wool Cardigan

The last of the get togethers we’ll talk about is a more formal party where you’re an honored guest. This isn’t a super formal tuxedo party but you can’t get away with jeans or khakis either. The host has put much time and expense into this and wants it to be a fun dress up event (think a level down from Great Gatsby). This navy pin stripe suit by Hugo Boss achieves the look and image you want. It’s not the most formal color of black, but creates a more welcoming, friendly vibe. This is a suit you can wear all year around because it’s made from lightweight wool. Create the holiday spirit with a fun red or green tie, and if you’re brave, pair it with a red or green shirt. Yes, it will garner compliments. Finish this look off with dress shoes and you’re ready to work the room in style.

BOSS HUGO BOSS 'Huge/Genius' Trim Fit Stripe Suit

Dressing for different Christmas get togethers isn’t hard, it just takes a little effort. Your effort will be appreciated by your friends and loved ones. Merry Christmas!

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