Men: What do I Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner?

Thanksgiving is coming quickly and most guys haven’t thought about what they will be wearing for Thanksgiving dinner whether they’re hosting or a guest. Since you don’t have much time to determine what’s appropriate and stylish, here are some examples for different situations that you may be encountering on Thanksgiving day.


If you are hosting a less casual Thanksgiving dinner or you have been invited to a semi-dressy dinner, you need to look the part. Man up and wear a nice looking outfit that people will be proud to break bread with you in. This goes for whether it’s family or not. If you’re the best dressed person in the room, all the better. You can start a tradition of looking great for the whole family.

This colorblock cardigan in shades of blue is a great statement piece for your look. Add a button up shirt underneath in either shades of blue or add some more color such as yellow or red. Yes, it’s a lot of color, if you’re not used to it but you can work it. Pair your top half with navy or dark blue dress pants and a nice pair of shined shoes. You’re all set!


If you’re family is very casual or if you’re going to a very casual Thanksgiving dinner (make sure you’re not just assuming), you can go more casual but you still need to look good. No sweats or raggedy t-shirts and jeans. Save those when you’re at home by yourself.

This look is quite casual but still looks ready for company. It starts with a t-shirt which is clean and in good condition (not undershirt) and gets paired with a shawl collar sweater with stripes to add interest. Add either some khakis or dark wash jeans, both in good condition and not more than a few years old and you’re all set. Your shoes should not be athletic shoes. Save those for working out.


Last but not least, I’m going to throw in a bonus category of a more formal Thanksgiving dinner. This dinner is usually around dinner time, 6pm or 7pm (or later) and is a dress up event. You want to look great and respect your hosts (and yourself if you are the host) and other esteemed guests.

This handsome houndstooth jacquard jacket and pants is made of a silk cotton blend so can be worn all year round. Of course you can also break up the pieces and mix them with other jackets and pants to get many more looks. For now, pair them with a nice button up shirt and a pair of dress shoes. You look sophisticated and people will notice.

What category do you fall in? Obviously you don’t have time by this Thursday to purchase the garments shown, but you can go through your closet and make an outfit that resembles one in this post.

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