Catherine Malandrino for DesignNation Kohl’s

This post has taken me a while to write and so far my initial opinions haven’t changed. Catherine Maladrino’s collection for DesignNation Kohl’s came out September 27th to much fanfare, although I don’t think as much as Phillip Lim had for Target. I like to be at the store the day the collection comes out because even though there are images of it online, I want to see and touch it in person. I want to see if a collection is worth the hype.

I do have to tell you that my local Kohl’s had a very limited selection of the collection, which was very disappointing. You’d think they’d at least have the most exciting pieces available , which to me are the Eiffel tower dress and the laser cut shift dress and top. I still haven’t seen them in person so can’t comment on the quality.

I took pictures of all the pieces they did have and will focus my review on them. Overall I like the collection, which probably has something to do with the fact that I’ve had an affinity with France and Paris specifically since a child. The pieces are nicely designed and the details are noteworthy. Probably my favorite piece (of what I saw) is the Paris Je T’aime Tee in wine. I really like that it’s oversized, soft and of course the phrase reflects my feelings. I would recommend buying this.

The Eiffel tower and Paris sweaters along with the oversized stripe sweater are attractive and versatile. The faux leather jacket is fun and has some nice details including the quilting. I would buy it. The gored ponte dress with lace insets and lace peplum top are okay but the lace looks low cost in person. I took a close up picture of the dress’s lace inserts so you could get an idea. Both are cutely designed, so if you don’t mind the lace quality, I say go for it.

The Paris print blouse is okay but the print is somewhat juvenile so probably best for 20 somethings. The Scroll Applique Top is disappointing. It looks nice online but in person, it looks cheap. And at $98 it’s way overpriced. I will be skipping it.

Overall, I recommend buying your favorite pieces of the collection. Not the whole thing; just several pieces you really like. Keep in mind this is a trendy collection (that’s what designer collection collaborations are), so it can be enjoyed for a few months and then it will be on to the next biggest, hottest, newest collection.

The best thing about the collection in my mind is that at this writing, it’s on sale for 40% off. Now’s the time to buy and enjoy it.

catherine malandrino header

















catherine maladrino kohls

Gored pont dress with lace insets























catherine maladrino kohls

Close up of lace on dress

















catherine maladrino kohls

My favorite























catherine maladrino kohls

Faux leather jacket























catherine maladrino kohls






















catherine maladrino kohls






















catherine maladrino kohls






















catherine maladrino kohls

Lace peplum top























catherine maladrino kohls

Paris print top























catherine maladrino kohls

Scroll applique top





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    Good review. I pretty much agree. The good pieces are worth it on sale, but there are a lot of pieces I could pass on. I’ve already worn the Eiffel Tower sweater twice, so that one was definitely worth it for me.

    I saw one of the laser cut pieces (the dress, I think, but it wasn’t in my size, so I didn’t pay much attention) at Bayshore today. It’s possible it was a return from online since it was the only one there.

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    “Well, the caftan was not a knit at all but an embroidery on chiffon, and in some places the chiffon backing was snipped away to give the appearance of something even more delicate. Another gem in the collection was a long, fuzzy coat (again, an embroidery) that had the solid well-being of a bathrobe….He offered beautiful day suits (some with a fluttery hem of cream chiffon to suggest a blouse), and slate gray coats with matching embroidered tweed bags. And evening looks included a pale pink and gray column composed of micro-thin strips of silk interspersed with bands of tiny pearls, and a gown embroidered with flowers in papery cream chiffon and shaded with a gray tulle overskirt. The collection had all those gorgeous elements, but it had, as well, a narrative. I suspect that ‘new vintage’ was merely a handy catchall for the soulful personalities that set his pen moving across his sketchpad,” she nicely concluded.

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