Stella McCartney for the Office

Stella McCartney is known for her tailored, strong line designs which are perfect not only for all of your off the clock activities but for your professional dealings as well. The look I’ve chosen it is a little out there but with how loose most dress codes are today, it should be no problem. Be ready to stand out a little and get some second looks. Your work stands out so why shouldn’t you?

Of course you can break the look up to downplay it be wearing the pants with a black jacket and light pink top. Or you can wear the jacket with black pants and neutral color top. To make the jacket much more casual, you can wear it with jeans and a nice t-shirt. And of course you can wear the quilted top with jeans.  Believe it or not, this look is quite versatile and can be mix and matched in numerous ways.

What ways would you wear this look?


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stella mccartney fall 2013

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