Z Zegna Fall/Winter Suit

Men, those of you that need to wear a suit to work or for other activities, this is a stunner. Z Zegna has designed another winner with this wool suit that has tone on tone checks. They’re subtle enough to allow you to wear it to a conservative office yet interesting enough to wear in a creative position as well. As much fine wool does, the suit has a beautiful yet subtle sheen.

If you want to make the suit a little more casual, you can wear a crew neck sweater and no tie as shown in the picture. Of course you can also wear the sweater by itself. Depending on your office, this may be an everyday look or casual Friday.

To get even more wear out of this suit jacket, you can pair it with nice jeans and a knit top to give it a totally different look.

What suits are you looking to purchase this fall?


Image from www.zegna.com. Click on image to explore further.

z zegna fall suit

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