3 Revealing Facts About Jeans

Were you aware that denim was really discovered in France in the early 1800s? It was first seen in de Nimes. Since jeans are usually thought of very American, I remember hearing that denim was created in America, but now we know the first very revealing fact about jeans.

The second revealing fact about jeans is that the blue (indigo) color of most jeans is a natural plant dye from India. Originally it was easy and cheap to use. This was replaced by a synthetic dye a couple of centuries ago due to it being even cheaper and easier to use. This dying process is exclusive to denim because the dye sticks to the outer layer only and doesn’t dye the core. This is why your denim fades and gets lighter because it’s exposing that undyed layer.

Denim washes, the finish on the jeans, is the third revealing fact. Denim washes are applied by quite a few different laundering or finishing techniques and steps. Unfortunately, in many countries, there aren’t controls put on these and it can lead to a lot of water pollution. Toxic chemicals from these techniques are dumped into the water resources which changes the environment of the bodies of water.

The good news is that America has many controls which leads to much less pollution. So what does that mean? Buy American!

Have you learned something new from the 3 revealing facts? Which is your favorite?

As far as I can see, here are some American made jeans:


Images from respective retailers. Click on image to explore further.

American Original Blue Jeans - Raw

Men’s American Original Blue Jeans – Raw

Image of Cone White Oak Greaser Jeans

Men’s Left Field NYC jeans

Left Hand Twill Spence Slim

Men’s Ruell & Ray jeans

jean shop new york city

Women’s stretch skinny jean from Jean Shop NYC

raleigh denim story

Raleigh Denim history

raleigh denim

Men’s Raleigh Denim from Barney’s

raleigh denim jeans

Women’s Raleigh Denim jeans from Barney’s


Men’s 3Sixteen jeans



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