Fashion Weeks and PeaPod

Food and fashion weeks go together like…uh, well in the fashion industry, they don’t. Everyone is trying to not eat so they can fit into their looks which they’re hoping all of the street photographers will catch on film. And they’ll become famous and paid billions of dollars. Overnight. Because of their skirt or bag or shoes. Right.

Not buying it? Okay, well let’s go with a different scenario. Those of us that love fashion weeks (I worked at New York Fashion Week last September at 20 different major shows as a dressing consultant) but know we need to be healthy so we have the energy to make it through, know that food for nutrition is imperative. As we scurry around getting ready for fashion weeks, we wish we had someone to get our food for us so we had one less thing to deal with.

peapod logo may be the answer to this issue. Peapod is an online grocery store where you can quickly and easily choose the food you need. They deliver it to your door so there’s no lost time as you drive to the grocery store, walk around and around, stand in a long line to check out and then have to drive home.

I heard about Peapod several times and even saw the trucks delivering food, but was skeptical. I’m very picky about my produce, which I try to keep at 60% of my daily eating regime. When your regime has that many fruits and vegies in it, you want the best. Not bruised, bumped, overripe or not ripe enough. I want and expect very close to perfection. I wondered how someone other than myself, would pick out produce that met my high standards. I also wondered how much extra money I’d be paying for that. Because I’m also quite frugal. I like to get the best deals on everything (of course who doesn’t?).

When I was at #BlogHer13 (BlogHer’s annual conference), Peapod was there as a sponsor, so I had a discussion with them about those issues. They assured me that extra care was taking in choosing and transporting the produce and if I received something that wasn’t up to my standards, I just let them know and it was taken care of with no questions asked. They also told me that shopping at Peapod wasn’t much more than shopping at the local grocery store. Did I believe what they told me? Well, just between you and I, not entirely. I decided I’d put them to the test.

They handed out $20 coupons to use on our first purchase (remember I love deals) so when I got home, I decided to put in an order. I thought it may be overwhelming to wade through an online grocery store but Peapod is easy and user friendly. Everything is in categories so things are easy to find. If you’re a deal lover like I am, you’ll want to go right to their weekly deals, which are many and go from there. Everything I bought was part of the weekly deals.

harvest moon logoI decided I’d really put them to the test, so everything I ordered was fresh-produce, meat, bread and deli salad. All of these things would show me how they really work. One of the things I ordered was the local co-op produce box, which was a surprise of what would be in there but I like surprises and deciding to cook from what fresh ingredients I have.

When the order came, I unpacked and inspected everything right away to try to pick it apart. After about 15 minutes of thorough inspection, I determined there was nothing to complain about. Remember, I’m really picky.

I decided to make fresh salmon and kale. The salmon was wild Alaskan, so it was safe to eat. The kale was in the co-op produce box and was really fresh. I baked the salmon with a bit of olive oil and just a dash of salt and pepper. I steamed the kale with a little bit of water and a lot of garlic (love garlic), salt and pepper. They turned out delicious. I decided after several bites that the salmon was the best I’ve ever had. Seriously. It was yummy. The kale was great as well.

peapod salmon  peapod salmon  peapod kale peapod salmon and kale cooked






Over the next several days, I ate some of everything I purchased and all of it was fresh and tasted great just like Peapod told me. I waited almost a week to cut and eat the cantaloupe (which I kept in the fridge) and it was sweet and tasty.

I had nothing to complain about! Everything was fresh, delicious and well priced. As fashion weeks near, let Peapod do the work for you. You’ll be ready for all of the craziness that are fashion weeks and look great doing it!


Logo images from Food images are mine.

I was not compensated in any way to write this. All thought are mine.

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