#BlogHer13 Capsule Wardrobe to Help You Pack

Whether you’re someone who packs a week before the event, or the day you leave, figuring out what you’re going to wear and thus pack, is stressful. I teach my clients to create capsule wardrobes for everyday wear and traveling, because it makes life much easier. A capsule wardrobe is usually 10-11 pieces that interchange with each other. So any top will go with any bottom. The blazer and cardigan mix and match with any of the tops, bottoms and dress. Thus you have quite a few outfits with not many garments, which includes your evening party clothes and makes a carry-on doable.

I used BlogHer’s main logo colors for the wardrobe and didn’t include shoes, handbags or accessories because, well, I didn’t have enough room in the image and those things are usually not included in a garment capsule; they’re add-ons.

This is not a blogger at home wardrobe. This is a dress to impress potential brands and connections at a large scale conference wardrobe, aka #blogher13 . Look the part and you’ll have more confidence, which leads to greater success.

Please contact me if you want ideas or need help with your image or wardrobe. Twitter: @impeccableimage


#BlogHer13 Capsule Wardrobe

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