5 Maternity Dresses to Get You Through Summer

For moms to be, if you’re further along which translates to bigger, this is a bad time of year for you-hot, humid, sweaty with chaffing (I could go on). You want to look cute when you leave the house but also need to be as cool as possible. Dresses are so incredibly easy. They’re one piece, so there’s no trying to figure out what pieces to put together to make outfits. Especially if you are working outside of the home, dresses are extremely easy to deal with in the morning. Of course with the sleeveless dresses, for work you’ll want to throw a cardigan or jacket over them to look professional.

I found some cute maternity dresses at www.kohls.com but their pictures don’t work well in blogs so you won’t see any here. You may want to check Kohls out for some cute and very economical options. http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/ourbrands/maternity.jsp

Below are 5 easy, breezy, fun maternity dresses from A Pea in the Pod that will get you through the summer in style and comfort.


Images are from www.apeainthepod.com. Click on images to explore further.

3/4 Sleeve Wrap Maternity Dress













Sleeveless Empire Waist Maternity Dress













Convertible Sleeve Maternity Shirt Dress












Sleeveless Braided Strap Maternity Maxi Dress












Beyond Vintage Sleeveless Empire Waist Maternity Maxi Dress




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