Dore Designs at Wisconsin State Dancesport Competition

The end of April afforded Milwaukee the opportunity to view competitive ballroom dancing at the Wisconsin State Dancesport Competition. This isn’t some little local get together. This is a major competition that dancers from all over the country come to compete in. I got to interview Dawn Smart of Dore Designs, who creates some of the beautiful costumes the dancers wear. You can read my interview here:

I’d like to share some of the pictures I didn’t have room for in the above article. As you’re looking at them, you’ll see Catherine, one of Dawn’s clients and a very successful competitive ballroom dancer. She had just finished all of her dances in the competition and had received a First in all of them! Catherine loves Dawn’s designs for her costumes and gets quite a bit of wear out of each one she buys. I’m all about the lowest CPW (cost per wear) as possible on every item in your closet, and dance costumes are no exception. Get the most from your money spent.

Enjoy the pictures.

dancer front

Catherine and her beautiful gown by Dawn Smart

hand painted light dress

Hand painted dress

back dress2 bling dancer yellow dancers dancers8 floor dresses up close bling

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