Not Attending Coachella? How to Dress for Summer Festivals, Farmer Markets and Fleamarkets

Coachella sounds really fun but you couldn’t attend this year? Well, you can still have fun dressing easy breezy for all of the summer festivals, farmer markets and flea markets that are coming up. I don’t know about you but these are some of my favorite events during summer. Music, people watching, fresh produce and bargains, how can it get any better? Since you will be in the public eye every time you attend one of these and you never know who you may run into or meet, you’ve got to look great.

Here are some examples of fun looks for you to wear while enjoying all that summer offers. All images come from the retailers mentioned. Click on image to explore further.

Fun outfit pieces at Kohls

Vince - Cotton Striped Hooded Henley

Lightweight long sleeves for those really early mornings-Saks Fifth Avenue

H&M ombre tank & denim shorts

Burkman Bros Shirt, Obey T-Shirt & Warriors of Radness Shorts

Nordstrom funky look

H&M+ easy breezy look

Joie - Adelman Crepe Cotton Top

Saks Fifth Avenue look

Two teenage models wearing festival-inspired shorts and tops.

Nordstrom festival offerings

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