It’s Officially Spring but it’s Still in the 30s-How Can You Wear the New Trends?

Yes, a few days ago was the official start of Spring. And? Where I live it’s still in the 30s. Just between you and me, I think it’s going to snow more. So with winter still in full force, how can we start wearing our warmer weather clothes, and especially the new trends we can’t wait anymore to wear? Great question.

First the bad news, no matter how much I want to, sandals are still not an option. I try to start wearing my sandals as early as possible and wear them until it’s way past time to put them away. If you live in a hot climate, you probably don’t understand why it’s such a big deal but those of you that live in a colder climate like me do. You know we only have about 4 months to wear sandals comfortably and since we love the feel of warm air on our feet, we try to extend the season as long as possible.

Pleione Sleeveless Dot Print Peplum Blouse   Tildon 'Vintage' Drape Front Blazer  Now the good news, there are ways we can start to enjoy wearing the spring trends right now. The secret for our colder climate is wearing layers. Obviously you can’t wear just a pretty sheer printed top like we do when it’s in the 80s, but we can pair it with a knit top (cami, tank or silk t-shirt) underneath and a cardigan or jacket on top. The jacket shown is a modern take on a power suit jacket which is another spring trend. This way you can wear a 2013 spring trend when there is still snow on the ground.







Classiques Entier Leather Jacket, Silk Top & Tweed Skirt




This is a perfect example of a trendy spring outfit that you can wear now. Leather is a huge spring trend that is perfect for colder weather, especially in a bright, fun color. It does have 3/4 length sleeves so if you’re always cold, add a long sleeve blouse or top underneath. The skirt is tweed which is a heavier fabric so it will keep your legs warm. Add some tights and pumps or boots, and you’re set. Looking great, yet comfortably warm.




7 For All Mankind® Jeans & Hinge Jacket



Ah yes, pieces that can be worn now and for the whole summer. The animal print top is short sleeve so it’s perfect for wearing a layer over it such as this cotton army jacket. The jacket has long sleeves so is a good item for warmth now, but since it’s cotton, it can be warm in much warmer weather as well. Of course you can also wear it into fall, so you get 3 seasons of wear from it. These pants are coated, which gives the sheen to them. It takes chinos to another level. The ones shown are short, almost capri length, so if you are 5’8 or less, I suggest you choose a pair of regular length pants because the shorter length cuts your legs off. This creates a stubby look and most of us want our legs to look long and lean.



So how do you start wearing your new spring clothing now when it’s still cold? The secret is layers. Use the looks above as ideas on how to get the most wear out of, and the highest ROI (return on investment) from your spring wardrobe.


All looks are from Nordstrom. Click on image to get a closer look.


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