Top 10 Runway Shows of Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week

Fashion weeks for Fall 2013 are finally concluded! I start off really strong with New York Fashion Week; I’m in the groove by London Fashion week; I’m starting to lose steam by Milan Fashion Week and then by Paris Fashion Week, I’m barely holding on. I try to keep my attention for all fashion weeks at the same level. Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week are more difficult to contend with because the technology is just not there like it is with NYFW. London is a distant second.

As a follow up to the top 10 runway shows for NYFW and LFW, here are the top 10 runway shows for Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week:

Milan Fashion Week

Frankie Morello-Entirely fabulous collection. My favorite element were the mirror like shards on handful of looks; no words. Gorge. I’ll take 1 of each. I also love the holographic dresses. Now this is the way to start out Milan fashion week!

Fendi-If you love fur, you’re going to lose it over this collection. The furs definitely outshone the clothes. There were all different colors and textures of fur-striped fur, neon fur, fur on shoes, fur bags, fur mohawks on heads. Crazy, fabulous.

Emilio Pucci-This collection definitely has a 1960s vibe which is always fun. The collection was fabulous. There was a blingy fringe dress that was I also loved the black and white studded cape and  dress; you can never have enough studs. There were pretty print silk tops. Gold lace (how can you go wrong?) and pretty pink fur.

Roberto Cavalli-Another great collection. If you’ve ever seen or heard about Roberto’s designs, you know he’s way over the top with bling and vibrant, fun prints, which I love. His chainmail-esque looks were beyond. On top of it all, he had fabulous colored furs.

Dolce & Gabbana-This collection was all about wonderful excess. Mosaic was the theme & quite a few dresses and tunics had stained glass saint and icon likenesses. With this theme came lots of bling-jewels, crystals, crowns, gold, huge jewelry. How can you not love that? They showcased cage wedges for footwear which added some edge.


Paris Fashion Week

Balmain-Is it any surprise I chose this collection? Not if you know Balmain. They’re over the top glitzy with a bit of humor. 1980s influence was seen in the oversize shoulders (love) and harem pants-so comfortable. And gold, gold everywhere! The diamond print was fabulous and jewelry was larger than life.

Issey Miyake-If you adore plaid, you’ll be thrilled with this collection. There were plenty of different colors and sizes for everyone’s taste. Also, something I can’t get enough of, pants under skirts and dresses-love! Do you know what my favorite thing about the show was? The models were actually smiling. They looked like they were having a good time, which made the clothes even more inviting.

Stella McCartney-If you don’t like Stella, you have issues. Her collection is the opposite of some of the other ones I’ve mentioned. It’s effortless, somewhat classic and even minimal. And so chic. Pinstripes lent to the menswear vibe. Everything was oversized which lends to being comfy while looking sophisticated. Love it all!

Miu Miu-I’ve had a love affair with Miu Miu since being introduced to their fun, colorful designs. I’ve heard them called “ugly pretty” but I don’t agree. I think they’re entirely pretty, albeit a bit out there sometimes. I love the long coats over colorful, printed even longer dresses and skirts. And of course the footwear and bags are luscious.

Jitrois-This is Jean-Claude Jitrois’ first Paris show and he did a bang up job. There was a 1950s vibe with fitted jackets and full skirts. I absolutely love the embroidered leather-beautifully detailed. My favorite was a leather skirt with fur bands or “ruffles”-gorgeous. I look forward to seeing more from him.

Whew, another fashion week season successfully navigated. Check back in September and October for next season’s top shows. They probably will be different than this season.

To see the collections look by look, click on this link, click on All Shows and choose the one you want to view.

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