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STYLEMAX in Chicago was the last weekend in January. You know, the weekend with the crazy weather which included icy rain and snow. Yes, unfortunately that one. Regretfully, due to that, I had an abbreviated STYLEMAX visit. I didn’t spend anywhere near as much time as I would have liked to. But I did make the most of my time.

Do you love seeing styles for next season as much as I do? I understand not everyone is as freaky as I am about this, but there has to be a few of you out there. But I digress.

This show included some summer styles and some pre-fall styles, so in case you haven’t purchased your inventory for next summer, you can choose and order it now. And of course you should be thinking about inventory for pre-fall already. Yep, in the land of retail as a buyer and/or owner, you need to think seasons ahead, be in tune with what’s going to be hot (seasons ahead) and decide the quantity of each you will need for selling (seasons ahead). Overwhelmed? Yes, it’s easy to get there quickly.

STYLEMAX is a great place to find tons of vendors under one roof that offer all styles of clothing such as classic, bohemian, dramatic and gamine. A one stop shop for all of your boutique needs.

This show included Men’s Wear Collective which is only shown two times a year. They should definitely be included every time. I love perusing the men’s styles. I need to know what options my male clients will have in the coming seasons and start to plan accordingly. The only picture I took of the men’s collective was of Bacco Bucci shoes. Aren’t they fabulous? My favorite are the blue followed by the emerald. Gorge.

Even though my visit was shorter than desired, I enjoyed the show and look forward to STYLEMAX in April when hopefully the weather will be conducive for a 2 day visit.

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Bacco Bucci men's shoes

Bacco Bucci men’s shoes




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    I was at StyleMaxx that Sunday and the weather was brutal coming home. They did have some fun things. I think I grabbed a picture of that same electric blue coat with leather trim in my Instagram feed. :)

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