Style Books to Read in 2013

Are you ready to make some changes to your style in 2013? Here are some of my favorite style books, written for everyone to read, that will help you through the change process.

WORK IT! by Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo of Visual Therapy, is a wonderful resource for all of us working girls, no matter what your age. I recently attended an industry day where both of them spoke and they’re the real deal. They are true experts with fashion and style. Their clients are the crème de la crème of society and their privacy is kept at all costs.

This book is lush with pictures of ideas on how to dress for many different positions in many different industries. You can also use the ideas for different types of events you need to dress for.

CHANGE ONE THING by Anna Soo Wildermuth with Jodie Gould, is a valuable book for any human being who isn’t a hermit. Anna not only gives image advice but also etiquette tips, communication tips and even interview ideas. These ideas and tips can be used for both your personal and professional life.

This book doesn’t have pictures but does have activities to use for self improvement. This book is great for overall image refinement.

color me confident by Veronique Henderson and Pat Henshaw, is from the iconic Colour Me Beautiful group. As you can imagine, the book is all about using color to your advantage and incorporating it on a daily basis, into your look. Forget all of the black you usually wear! There are so many luscious colors and shades that make you look your best, it would be a crime not to incorporate them.

This book also goes into body shapes and how to dress them to their full advantage. The pictures are brilliant and very helpful.

THE SCIENCE OF SEXY by Bradley Bayou, is a book that truly breaks down in depth how to dress for your unique figure. You choose your figure type by height, shape and weight, so it really gets detailed (in a good way). Bradley shows you do’s and don’ts of exactly how to dress for you, not anyone else.

I love that there are different sets of suggestions for each plus size figure type instead of the usual ideas for just average figure types. No, a size 26 will not look the same in a certain garment as a size 8, and this book addresses this in a very helpful way.

Choose one or more of these books to show you how to make positive changes to your image in 2013. Or if you don’t have time to read and analyze books, give us a call and we’ll get your image to where you want and need it to be. Happy New Year!

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