Things Not to Accomplish in 2013

So you probably now have a whole list of resolutions, goals, etc. to get done in 2013. Here are a few things you can leave off the list.

Wearing clothes with holes and/or stains– it’s time to toss them. Forget about the “mending” pile. It won’t happen. Toss them along with anything with stains even if you think you’re the only ones that can see them. Trust me, other people can.

Keeping clothes you have from other decades– unless you collect and successfully wear vintage clothing, let old clothes go. Hard fact: if you lived through a style decade  (80s big shoulders), you shouldn’t bring those clothes back out when that decade or time period becomes trendy again. You just look dated. Let them go!

Wearing colors that aren’t in your color season– I guarantee you that you will never look your best if you’re wearing colors that aren’t in your color season. What’s a color season? It’s your palette of colors that looks best with your skin tone, eye color and hair color (real). If you don’t know what it is, have a color analysis done. It’ll make a huge difference in how you look and feel when you’re wearing the best colors for you.

Following trends that don’t suit you– trends are exciting and fun but not all trends are for everyone. If the current or future trends don’t work with your personality, body type or lifestyle, buying them is a waste. There are ways to achieve a look similar to the latest trend while remaining true to yourself.

So take a load off and feel free not to accomplish these things this year. I’m happy to help you make sure they’re not achieved.

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