NYC Rockefeller Center at Christmas

Almost 2 weeks ago (where does the time go?) I took a client shopping in New York City. I had never been in NYC at Christmas time and I really wanted to see Rockefeller Center in person since I had only seen it in movies and on TV. It had rained almost the whole time we were there, which is no fun when you’re on foot, but the last night we were there it had slowed down to a drizzle, so my very kind, considerate client asked if I wanted to go to Rockefeller Center. She suggested it entirely for me since she knew that I really wanted to experience it in person.

Since I was somewhat worn out, I initially declined but since this may have been my only chance to see it, I changed my mind. What the heck? I might as well make the most of the trip. As we arrived, it changed from drizzle to rain, so I tried to enjoy the surroundings and take pictures as quickly as possible. My client waited patiently. She’s awesome.

It is as beautiful in person as it is on the screen. If you look carefully at the middle of the fuzzy picture, you’ll see a guy on bended knee proposing. How romantic!

I’m not sure I ever want to go back to NYC in December unless I have a car and driver due to the weather. On the bright side, we got out of there just before a large snowstorm (of course we had our own version, but we also have vehicles to drive everywhere). Once again, I was reminded how hardcore New Yorkers are. They put up with a demanding environment and lifestyle. Of course they have the very best in fashion, so you pay some to get some.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Guy on knee proposing

Guy on knee proposing

tree skaters2





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