My Weekend at Fashion Focus Chicago

This weekend I attended events at Fashion Focus Chicago and also attended StyleMax which was providing fashion for spring 2013. Both parts of my fashion quest weekend were awesome.

I started with StyleMax which is always fun and educational. It can get very overwhelming with so many vendors to visit and digest what they’re offering. The highlights of my 2 day visit were: this jean outfit made from 2 pairs of jeans that the creative vendor folded and rolled to create the different garments; this gorge Samuel Dong black zipper dress (I definitely need one) and these fresh, spring looks which include the lace skirt on the far left in a mint green shade.





















The next stop was the FashionChicago which was a fashion sale featuring local Chicago fashion designers at Millennium Park. I really enjoyed seeing all different types of designs from a variety of talented locals. There’s nothing like keeping it local when there are so many high quality options. My favorite designs were by Shernett Swaby of . She’s gorge and about 6 feet tall. I felt like an elf next to her. Check her out with her beautiful lime green dress she designed. The other picture shows her designs that are all fun and totally wearable.


Shernett Swaby

SWABY designs













On Sunday I attended Industry Day at the Chicago Cultural Center which was presented by the Mayor’s Fashion Council. There were presentations scheduled throughout the day starting at 10am. Since I was juggling this event and StyleMax, I couldn’t stay the whole day but I wanted to be there for the first session which was about branding yourself. There was introduction about 2 men, Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo, who are very successful stylists. I’m embarrassed to admit I’d never heard of them but as I later learned, the majority of their clients are “real” women, not celebrities which means they’re not as well known as stylists who deal primarily with celebrities.

A film came on about Jesse and Joe, better known as Visual Therapy, so I settled back to learn from it. To my surprise, after about 3 minutes, the movie was over and they walked out on the stage. OMG, I was so excited. For an hour, it was as though they were speaking just to me. They said everything I needed to hear to reconfirm my choice of being an image consultant and fashion stylist. I drank in every word like it was water after being in the desert for a week. These men are wonderful role models. Today I ordered all 3 of their books and am looking forward to spending time reading each one. Thank you Jesse and Joe. You are true inspirations.

Visual Therapy, Joe & Jesse










After being in NYC for 9 days for NYFW, and navigating the subway and bus systems, I decided if I could do that, I could try Chicago public transportation. I jumped right in by taking the train and then transferring to a bus. I didn’t get lost and got to where I was supposed to be going so I did okay. Another positive that came from my NYFW trip: the guts to try something new in another larger city. Of course I had to take a picture to document it.

Chicago subway












All in all, my fashion weekend in Chicago was fun and educational-my 2 favorite things. I’m looking forward to my next fashion adventure. Bring it on.

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