Perfect Fit, via Me-Ality is Finally Available to You

A couple of weeks ago, the opportunity for everyone, female and male, to get the perfect (or at least closer to perfect) fit in clothes came to Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, WI. Actually the Me-Ality machine had been in the mall for a while before that but this was the grand opening.

Me-Ality, which is short for Measured Reality is a machine that measures your body using 200,000 points of measurement (I know, it’s kind of scary; who wants have their body measured in that many ways). You step into the booth, stand still with arms slightly out, and a vertical wand moves around you, using low power radio waves that are totally safe. The process only takes 15 seconds and you don’t feel a thing. I actually did it and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.

This is the first machine in Wisconsin to provide this free service. There are only 23 in the US right now, but the company plans on having 400 around the country by next year. Whew, that’s growth!

The result is a printout you get that shows the perfect brands and sizes of jeans and pants (the company is working on adding other types of garments) from retailers in the mall. Retailers partner with Me-Ality but the results are unbiased. Your printout is formulated for your size and shape, not for the retailer. For example, my jean printout says that J. Crew Bootcut jean in a midrise, bootcut is a great choice for me. My pants printout says that White House Black Market’s grey herringbone pant in midrise, bootcut is another great choice for me. The printout tells you the size of each to wear, which of course, changes by retailer, brand and even style.

Good news, Donna, the area manager, that Me-Ality doesn’t sell or share your information. That’s very important to me because I sure don’t need the world knowing sizing from 200,000 points on my body.

I asked Donna if people can have this done multiple times in case they were losing or gaining weight and she said yes, you can do it as many times as you like. This is good for us that tend to go up and down in sizes depending on different variables. She said that they partner with Weight Watchers so their clients can have perfectly fit clothing no matter where on their weight loss journey they are. I love that idea.

You can learn more about Me-Ality at

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Person getting measured in Me-Ality


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