Mixed Chicks Curly Hair Products Review

Last time I talked about Curls LLC, which I really like. This time I’ll give you my personal view on Mixed Chicks hair products.

I’ve used Mixed Chicks products for over a week now, which is the same amount of time I used the previous products I reviewed. I had high hopes for the line because of the results I got from the other lines I’ve tried.

The week started out well because the product smells good and really softens your hair. I noticed immediately that the products are very thick. I initially thought this could prove to not be a good thing for my fine hair. I also noticed that the products are not sulfate free like the other lines I’ve tried. In fact, the first ingredient on the shampoo bottle is sulfate. Oh, oh.

I still had an open mind and wanted to give them a fair try so I kept using them the whole week. The products I used were the shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner. The only other product they had, that I didn’t purchase was the Gloss, shine & thermal protection serum. When I asked about it, the woman with the absolute perfect, curly hair said that I could skip it since I had a budget and it really only adds shine. It doesn’t enhance curl.

As the week went on, I noticed that my hair was really soft; believe it or not, too soft. Since my hair is fine, it doesn’t have the extra body that I think these products are created for (even though the person said it would be great for my hair type). When my hair gets too soft, my curls flatten out-no, not straighten, just flatten and lose all body. Yuck!

At the end of the week I actually used Curls LLC styling products to try and get my curls back and they helped a little, but it’s all about the foundation.

I recommend this line of products if you have coarse, thick hair that can take thick products and needs a lot of softening. I don’t recommend it for fine hair types.

Here’s the website if you’re interested: http://www.mixedchicks.net/


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